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How Optino works

Works inside monday

Optino is available to all monday.com users and can be installed from the marketplace; working right inside the team’s workflow.

Track your energy

The reflections board view allows monday.com users to track their energy levels and record private notes to capture how they are feeling.

Reflect and discuss

Teams can hold effective meetings using the one-to-one view with our discussion guide and coaching questions.

Improve and target

Our Approach cards help teams find better ways of tackling tasks; designed to make the work ahead better and more joyful.

Making work feel great

Strengthen yourself

Capture how specific tasks are making you feel; understanding what motivates you and what is getting in the way.

Build rapport

Create a log of task reflections to give your manager the insights they need to fuel your development.

Energise your work

Facilitate your workload with different approaches to discover how you can best play to your strengths.

Create better habits

Learn from the daily practice of recognising strengths in yourself to start seeing your work differently.

Optino Reviews

“Optino’s approaches have given my team a common language that has strengthened our bond and improved how we work together.”

Andrew - Director at ClearChain


of employees want their
strengths recognised at work.

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